Travels and Adventures

Gateway to a Healthy Start

I reread Frederik Pohl’s Gateway a few days ago, for the second or third time. Okay, for the fourth time, I admit it. Amys Phone 7 5 2013 027 In a nutshell, the premise of the book is that anyone who can afford passage to Gateway… Continue reading

Local Goodness at the Market Square Farmer’s Market

Us Knoxvillian’s are lucky to live near so many small towns — towns that are home to thriving farmscow and local craftsmen.  These farmers and craftsmen bring many delightful goodies to the area’s farmers markets.

Saturday we visited the… Continue reading

Sage Summit 2011

This year, for the first time ever, Sage is combining its traditionally separate annual sage_summitconferences into one big conference.  In the past, Sage Summit (which is for users of Sage software) took place in the Summer and was a… Continue reading

Honor System for Time Sheets? Only At Church!

 While visiting Charleston, SC this past weekend, my family and I stopped by the Cathedral of St John the Baptist.  It’s a beautiful Gothic cathedral which began construction in 1890 and is still a work in process.… Continue reading