Sage Releases Abra HRMS 9.1

Version 9.1 of Abra (VFP) provides several significant new features.  Enhancements are included for HR, Payroll and Employee Self Service.

Highlights for Abra HR:

  • Support for Active Directory logons.  By linking your Abra login id to your Windows login id, you can eliminate the need for a separate login and password to get into Abra.
  • Ability to access Sage Abra Support through a chat link located within Abra.
  • Employee Find is faster and includes searches for both first and last names.
  • Increased security with SSN/SIN masking for all reports (standard and those created through Secure Query).

Highlights for Payroll:

  • Greater flexibility for creating custom payment forms.
  • Ability to choose whether or not a check should display in Employee Self Service.

Highlights for Employee Self Service (ESS):

  • Sage Employee Analytics has the ability to create custom graphical imagedashboards (when used in conjunction with Sage Crystal Dashboard Design).  Combine workforce cost and performance data into a high level overview and quickly drill down for more detailed analysis.  These dashboards can be viewed from most web browsers (Safari, IE, Chrome and Firefox).
  • The ESS user interface has been overhauled to provide easier navigation andimage the ability to customize the look and feel of your ESS system.
  • The new Time Off Calendar provides managers with a monthly view of employee’s’ pending, approved and rejected time off.
  • Employees and managers can access ESS on their mobile devices including imageiPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows CE, Windows Phone 7 and Windows Mobile.
  • SSN masking for dependents and beneficiaries in Open Enrollment.
  • The new Provider Enrollment Details report allows you to send open enrollment information to the benefit provider prior to sending the enrollment updates to Abra.

For more details about all of the enhancements in version 9.1, please click on the What’s New in Sage Abra v9.1 document.

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