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Sage 100: How The Purchase Vendor Transfer Feature Works In Accounts Payable

sageUse the Purchase Vendor Transfer feature in Sage 100 to make transfers on invoices for credit card vendors.  This feature allows you to transfer a dollar amount from a credit card vendor (Visa, Amex, etc)  to a regular… Continue reading

How to Void an Accounts Payable Check in Sage 100 ERP (fka Sage ERP MAS 90 and 200)

First, what you refer to as “voiding” a check in Accounts Payable isn’t called voiding a check in Sage 100. In Sage 100, it’s called reversing a check. This is an important distinction because a voided check in Sage 100… Continue reading

Recently Released: Guide to Sage 100 ERP 2013 (formerly MAS 90, MAS 200 and MAS 200 SQL)

Sage 100 ERP 2013 (Version 5.0) is planned for a December, 2012 release.   This article provides general information on new features and other important aspects of this upcoming release.  You can click here for the full release guide… Continue reading

Sage Releases MAS 90 and MAS 200 4.4 Product Update 5

The fifth Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 4.4 Product Update — — is now available.  The update contains several core features and functionality enhancements in Accounts Payable, Inventory Management and Library Master.  The 2011 941 Form… Continue reading

MAS 90/200 Accounts Receivable Tip: How To Write A Check For A Customer’s Balance Through Accounts Payable

Did you know that you can issue a refund to an existing MAS Accounts Receivable customer through the Accounts Payable module?  Thank you to our good friend and colleague Robert Wood at DDF Consulting Group for sharing this helpful… Continue reading

Sage MAS 90 and 200 Product Update 2

By mid-July, Sage will make Product Update 2 available for version 4.4 of Sage MAS 90 and 200.  Any customers who are on a current plan with their Sage maintenance agreement are eligible to receive the update.

In an… Continue reading