Customer Spotlight: AccuForce Staffing Services LLC

AccuForce Staffing Services, LLC, a staffing company in Kingsport, TN has been a Sage MAS 200 user for the past few years.  Although technically a customer of Aries, the management team at AccuForce had not used our services… Continue reading

New Webinar – PlanetTogether’s Scheduling Optimizes your Resources

Join us for a Webinar on August 11

PlanetTogether’s Scheduling Optimizes your Resources

  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling systems save time and money
  • Allocate work to your resources based on your rules and requirements
  • Consider resource and material availability to enable… Continue reading

What if the airlines billed for their time?

An example of how the billable time model doesn’t work in the real world.  Imagine if the airlines priced based on billable time:

The Knoxville businessperson stepped up to the airline ticket counter and asked to buy a ticket… Continue reading

What does your prospective software reseller actually sell?

You really need to look hard at what your prospective software vendor actually is selling. Most of the time – it is not what you are looking to buy.

You require results. You value those results so much you… Continue reading

Frequently NOT Asked Questions about software projects

Many websites post FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions.  While helpful, the answers to those questions don’t really help you determine what system or partner adds the greatest value to your company.

What follows is a… Continue reading

What type of relationship do you want with your software provider?

When performing your diligent research, be sure to articulate what type of relationship you want with your system provide.

You’ve come to a decision.  You need a new system.  You are not getting timely or accurate information. … Continue reading

Why should the software buyer assume all of the risk?

Why do so many companies purchasing new systems assume all the risk of implementing those systems?

We run across many companies looking to improve.  Improve their processes.  Improve their information.  Improve their financial performance.  Yet, because… Continue reading