Customer Results

To give you an idea of the results our customers have obtained by working with Aries, we asked them for a list of actual results. Here is a list of results that you too can expect to obtain:

  • Reduce manufacturing production time.
  • Reduce manufacturing production costs.
  • Increase customer service efficiency
    • Real-time, accurate insights into planning, production and shipping information
    • Accelerated communication with customers allows for greater call handling capacity
  • Increase control over and visibility into inventory.
  • Increase product speed to market.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple non-integrated systems
  • Eliminate paper, toner, mailing and filing space costs
  • Employees are fully trained on all features and functionality related to the new system.
  • Minimize the time needed to ship an inventory item.
  • Accurate and automatic sales tax calculation.
  • Eliminate on-going, open-ended time and financial commitment to current system.
  • Increase the value of their structural and intellectual capital.