How We Work

Aries believes very strongly that your company has the following rights:

  • To know the exact price of any new software system including implementation, education, and ongoing support before you commit to any project.
  • To know that any new solution should be proven to work the way you want it to before committing to that solution.
  • To expect that all projects are backed by a 100% money back guarantee.

Initial meetings between you and Aries will focus on listening to your concerns, learning about your business, and understanding the targeted goals that you have for a new system. The result of these meetings will be:

  • The preparation of a Vision Statement (click here for a Sample of Vision Statement) which outlines the visioning process.
  • A fixed price proposal for completing the Vision Statement. The price for the Vision Statement includes a 100% money back guarantee. The statement is yours to keep even if you decide not to move forward with the implementation process.

The purposes for the visioning process are to ensure:

  • You have a detailed understanding of any new procedures and processes before they are implemented and that you have many opportunities to influence and modify those processes.
  • Both you and Aries have a thorough understanding of the consequences of modifying your existing processes.
  • You fully understand the value of changing any processes and that you are provided with a price for all projects before any work is started.

How the visioning process works:

  • Complete a business process review:
    • Document and flowchart all current business processes.
    • Identify opportunities for improvement in those processes.
  • Complete a scope document (click here for a Sample of Project Scope):
    • Serves as the blueprint for the implementation process.
    • Details all of your objectives for implementing a new system. These objectives will be signed off and dated by both you and Aries as each one is completed.
    • Details all procedural changes created from implementing a new system.
  • Proof of concept:
    • Aries will build a fully functional instance of the system (except for any custom programming from software partners) as described in the scope document.
    • This acceptance system will utilize your actual data and business processes.
  • Pricing proposal for implementation
    • The fixed price for implementation will be determined by the visioning process.
    • You will have many opportunities to influence the fixed price during the visioning process. The goal is to provide you with at least three pricing options for the implementation process.
  • The implementation process:
    • This process begins upon completion and acceptance of the visioning process.
    • Uses the scope document from the visioning process.
    • Moves the completely built acceptance system into a production system.
    • Further changes to the approved scope document are accomplished via a Change Request.