What Our Customers Say

Carthage Fabrics Corporation has been a customer of Aries Technology Group since 2000. I use the Sage 100 payroll and accounts payable modules, and really appreciate how all of the Sage 100 modules integrate.

Most of all, it is truly a blessing to have such a wonderful support group in John Shaver and the Aries team. When I call, they never make me feel like I am asking a stupid question. I know that at the end of every year and the beginning of the next they are there to help me with my end-of-year processing. Just knowing they are there to “hold my hand” until one year is saved and a new one begins is a comfort. They’ve also provided assistance each year with our W-2 printing.

Through the years they have never failed to treat me with a great deal of respect. Sometimes it felt as though I were the only one they had to help that day! The knowledge they have in problem solving is remarkable. If they don’t have the answer, it is only a matter of minutes before the phone is ringing with “I have an answer for you” or “try this.” If only other companies were so willing to help!

If your company is looking for a true support group I highly recommend John and Aries Technology Group.


Kathy P. Cardona
Carthage Fabrics Corporation


The team at Aries Technology Group assisted our company with the implementation of an automated accounts payable integration system. This required interaction between Aries and the integration vendor – AvidXchange. I appreciate all of the assistance given us during the process by the Aries team.

Aries also assisted us through the implementation of MICR checks for all of our managed properties, as well as software upgrades in previous years. I look forward to working with Aries in the future. I would recommend them to any business with Sage 100 software.


Deedra Burroughs
American Apartment Management Co., Inc.


My relationship with the Aries Technology Group team started back in April 2000. Earlier that year, Aries had worked with my company to make the transition from Sage 50 to Sage 100. Implementing Sage 100 gave Colite a new perspective on what a good accounting system could do for our manufacturing plant.

Since then Colite has gone through several upgrades, as well as changing from Sage 100 Standard to Sage 100 Premium for application integration purposes. Aries assisted with integrating our Sage system with a custom written project management system. Aries has always been there to assist us with our business changes, growth, training and report writing.

We don’t consider Aries to be merely a computer software provider. Rather we consider Aries to be an integral part of our team and family. We are able to work on ideas that we have with Aries and get good quality input from them before we spend any money. They provide a scoping process that helps us and them to analyze our needs to make sure that we are getting the exact product that my company needs. They want the products that we purchase from them to remain a functioning part of our business for many years. That is truly a wise use of our time and money any way that you look at it.


M. Fran Hodges
Colite Outdoor


I started working with Aries Technology Group when I began my employment as Accounting Manager with ClinTrials Research back in 1996. We are a public company in the CRO (clinical research organization) business in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. We selected Sage 100 Standard as our accounting system primarily because of our confidence in the Aries team but also because the software is easy to use, flexible and could support the future growth of our business. I had no previous experience with this system but had no difficulties using the Accounts Payable, Purchasing, General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, and Job Cost (which we used to track each of our clinical trials) modules. Also, as our business grew over the years we were able to smoothly and painlessly transition to Sage 100 Advanced.

Over the years, our company has been bought and sold several times and with each came a challenging reorganization of financial reporting for management. The Aries team is always here when we require customization and reporting changes due to corporate restructuring. From custom reports to additional fields of data, Aries and Sage 100 always come through for our business. We count on their knowledge as accounting professionals applied to our current business model. Aries always offers cost effective alternatives to meet our goals. It is rare to find this level of financial and technical expertise as well as great service in one provider.

During previous acquisitions, we managed to stay with Sage 100 for reporting even when our owning company didn’t share the same platform. However, 13 years later, in my position as Controller, we have converted to the current company’s accounting software. Aries worked with us and our IT support staff to extract current and historic data for the conversion. Aries continued their professionalism and expertise even though they were losing a long term customer.

I highly recommend John Shaver and Aries Technology Group for any size company in any industry.


Jan Raper
Kendle NC, Inc


When I met John Shaver of Aries, I would say that he took us out of the twilight zone and brought us into the new age of technology. I have known John Shaver and the Aries team for 15 years and during that time they have seen the good, the bad and the ugly of Carter Furniture’s technology.

Aries gave us a new outlook on our computer system and a chance to see what Sage 100 could actually do for our manufacturing plant. That’s right, I said manufacturing! Carter Furniture manufactures contemporary furniture for retailers and designers. Through Aries’ vast knowledge we were able to give our plant more information in order to reduce time and costs associated with production. We were also able to give customer service the ability to answer customers more quickly and more accurately which reduced the customer’s wait time.

As everyone knows not all people are computer savvy and the Aries group prides themselves on teaching and instructing as well as selling a good product. In my book service is a key issue and continued service is even a more important issue. In this day and time your company must be able to keep up with technology to reduce costs and give better customer service so that in the future your business grows. This is what Aries can offer to you.


Montie Stirewalt
VP of Administration and Controller
Carter Furniture of Salisbury


Aries made changing software systems easier than any company I have ever worked with.

After years of working with a custom-written dBase system, we decided that it was time to invest in a system that was technologically up to date. I decided to ask three companies to demo their software.

Two of the companies gave a 45 minute demo. At this stage there wasn’t any way I could determine if the software would work the way we needed it to. They would not give any kind of guarantee that it would work. The two companies stated that I was the one taking the risk. If it didn’t work I still owned the software. I would not be able to get a refund.

One of the companies took a very different approach. We asked the folks from Aries to come onsite to discuss Sage 100. Their approach made perfect sense to me. They didn’t demo the software since that wouldn’t tell me whether or not the software would work for us. They wanted to write a scope document to determine if Sage 100 would meet our needs. They even offered us a money-back guarantee on the price of the scope document if we didn’t like it.

Aries spent a lot of time learning how our current system works and what we need. The scope stated exactly what they would do. They suggested improvements to make procedures faster and better. If we said that we wanted to go in a different direction, they would work it out. They have been onsite making the transition as painless as possible. They work with the employees that will actually be using the software. This has made my job extremely easy.

I have installed systems at other companies. There is no comparison between the Aries approach, Sage 100, and other packages I have installed.

I feel that I didn’t just purchase software, but that I had also had purchased a team of people. I have found Aries to be very knowledgeable of not only Sage 100 but of business processes and systems in general. I would not hesitate to hire them again.


Sam Moody
Operations Manager
Cassemco, Inc.


The day I met the Aries team, some 13 years ago, was a lucky day for me indeed. Through the years, John and his associates have brought improved technological automation to CFPapers and that has made my work life much easier.

Aries Technology practices continual improvement. They keep themselves on the leading edge of technology and continually improve their service offerings to their clients. I have presented the Aries folks with some pretty challenging projects over the years and they have always come through with a solution that always improved business dynamics of CFPapers.

Aries Technology has earned my confidence and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of their state-of-the-art services.


Russ Walker
General Manager
CFPapers, Inc.


DataMan Business Systems, Inc. has been a customer of Aries Technology Group for many years. They support our Sage 100, which is the backbone software on which we run our company.

John and his crew have an exceptional knowledge of Sage 100. They have solved every issue we might have had over the years. However, what impresses me the most about Aries is the manner in which they support my company. When I have an issue and call Aries, almost every time someone takes my call and fixes the problem immediately. If on rare occasion someone is not available to help me, I have always received a call back within fifteen minutes. That level of customer support is what I look for in a business partner.

If you are looking for an organization you can absolutely count on to support your company with the knowledge of the product and the unprecedented level of customer support, I highly recommend Aries Technology Group.


Frank P. Flaherty
DataMan Business Systems, Inc.


We are very pleased with our move to Aries Technology Group. They have lived up to expectations and promises. They have given us sound advice and support on our Sage products as well as support with other IT projects.

Park Designs has been a Sage customer for many years progressing from Sage 100 Standard to our current product, Sage 100 Premium. In 2007, after an extremely bad vendor experience, we effectively fired our Sage support vendor and started to look for a replacement. We turned first to one of the larger Sage vendors; they had many resources, however their business method was more sales focused than support focused.

We finally spoke with Aries in early 2008. They had good answers, their pricing was fair, their work guaranteed, and they seemed to have the experience, resources, and understanding needed to support our IT department.

Time has proven this true. Aries has helped with several issues; one major project was integrating Sage software with Integrated Visual Systems warehouse management system. This was done successfully and these two systems working together give us great visibility and control of our inventory. This has increased our efficiency, driven down cost, and increased our speed to market. This is a great advantage for a distributor, especially in these economic conditions.

Aries is currently working with us on two new projects: bringing payroll back inside, and implementing the Paperless Office modules. These too will help gain us a cost savings. In addition, Aries has helped us solve some systems “mysteries” that lingered from the past.

I am very glad that we now have a relationship with John and his group. I highly recommend Aries Technology Group.


Perry Johnson
VP of Operations
Park Designs