Why Hire Us?

Why hire Aries Technology Group and what makes us different?

The Aries difference is focusing on creating wealth for our customers and minimizing risk in technology projects. To that end, the results of every project are focused on obtaining the most accurate information you need to run your business.

Research from the Standish Group reports that over 72% of technology projects are over budget (by a whopping 189%), over the time estimate and offer fewer features and functions than originally specified. In addition, the lost opportunity costs created by these failures are easily into the trillions of dollars.

The reason to hire us is to minimize those risks that so often plague a company in its search for a new software solution and which lead to the failures identified in the Standish Group studies:

  1. Purchasing a solution that may not work for your business. Before you commit to purchasing any solution, the project is scoped in a highly collaborative and detailed effort between you and Aries.
  2. Going over budget on the project. Every project is priced as a fixed fee engagement. You will know the price of every project before making the decision to move forward.
  3. Falling for false promises. Every project is backed by Aries’ 100% money-back guarantee.
  4. Your staff becomes disillusioned with the project due to lack of support and education. Every project includes unlimited technical support, one-on-one education, and interactive project manangement.