Sage MAS 500 Product Roadmap

Sage MAS 500 Version 7.3 has been available for a number of months now.  Major features include a new Credit Card Processing module, new Business Insights Explorer Views, numerous enhancements to Inventory, Purchase Order and Sales Order, as well as ACH processing for Accounts Payable.  Click here for a full release guide (Sage_MAS_500_7.3_Release_Guide).

As with my former post on Sage MAS 90/MAS 200 product roadmap, let’s take a look at the Sage MAS 500 roadmap.  The roadmap (Sage MAS 500 Roadmap) outlines Sage’s future plans for Sage MAS 500.  I’ll summarize a few key points below.

  • Product Strategy:  Sage wants to provide more ‘value for maintenance,’ which will include incorporating features and functionality based on top customer-requested enhancements.  The idea is to release new features & functionality over time with regular product updates, rather than waiting for “major” upgrades.
  • New financial reporting alternative:  Business Insights Intelligance, a new reporting tool in a familiar Microsoft environment.  FRx will be supported by Microsoft until December 31, 2012.
  • Focus on enhancements to advanced manufacturing/distribution.
  • Goal to reduce impact of upgrades on MAS 500 customizations.

Following is a general timeline for Sage MAS 500 product updates.

  1. Product Updates for Version 7.3 (December 2009, February 2010, May 2010)
  2. Version 7.4 (Quarter 2, 2011)
  3. Product Updates for Version 7.4 (expected to be released every 3 to 4 months after the official release of 7.4)
  4. Version 7.5 (Quarter 4, 2012)

Visit the Sage roadmap (Sage MAS 500 Roadmap) for more specific details about Version 7.3 features, as well as a retirment schedule for previous versions.  And, as always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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